zondag 30 januari 2011

Dark Elf Painting Contest

I had this idea for a painting contest, and made sure the local gamesstore set it up. The store picked one model, that every contestant has to paint to the best of their abilities. I was thrilled to see that it attracked so many participants!
The contest is almost over - models should be sent in by end of this month - and I have worked my ass off on it, but I am done.
When I saw the model for the first time, I found the staff/ blade he's holding somewhat fitting for a man of the cloth, so to speak. Yet, the original shield would contradict that. Therefor I left out the shield, and decided to improve on that theme a bit. One image that came to mind was that of depictions bisshops with a staff and a ball, icons of his status. That was what I wanted, and added the Dark Eldar hand. I though it would add to the fantasy-feel to have the ball float above his hand, and pinned it into his elbow - you can hardly see it!
To get some extra points in the competition, I thought about doing some Original Light Sourcing (OSL), but with two sources: one would be a bright light from the ball, and one would be from the lava base. In the end, I did not put so much OSL effect from the ball as I intended, but i think I did right by that. I might have made the lava and it's glow a bit brighter though!
In the end, looking back, I think the model has been really great to paint, although I did have my doubts in the beginning.
The last pic is a better taken one of my entry in the Dark Elf Painting Contest - which by the way I won...YAY! Too bad there's only this one pic though. 

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