zondag 30 januari 2011

I have been a huge fan of Killzone, and I have enjoyd both part I and II, and am still deciding whether I should go and get part III aas well (now that's a stupid question! OFCOURSE I SHOULD!). I really love the theme, the overall feel of the world - thegritty, dark, dirty demolished streets, the stylish uniform look of the Helghast.

When GW released their latest Imperial Guard models, I took a look at some upgrades ForgeWorld provided, and an idea sprouteed in my head. I could clearly see how to create Helghast with these models.
I started cutting, filing, glueing ad even did some putty work to get the mask hose right, and then added some interesting bases.

When I started to paint, the hard part was to create the black look, but still keep it alive, realistic and colorfull (yes, really!). I have discovered so many new shades of black, and I had a hard time making sure to catch the light on the right spots.

All in all I am very pleased with the endresult. But, for the effort it took me to do these five models, I am glad I did not go for a full army...

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