zondag 30 januari 2011

Skaven Blog - part 1: The Start of a New Army

I have been a fanatical Skaven player since I started with Warhammer, and this weekend the long expected and anticipated new Army Book is being released. More than that, I was looking forward to the new models. They are simply put brilliant!
So I decided I'd chuck my entire existing army aside, and start all over again, now with more thought though. I have been searching, planning and experimenting for a while now to get what I really want: Skaven in the sewers.
I believe no one has really done that: a sewer themed basing. The trouble is: how do you show 'sewer' on a single base? And if you succeed, can you still pull it off when you put a whole unit together like that? This was a dilemma I could not get my head around, so the obvious next question was: then how?
My answer lies in the sum of the parts: I need to make a complete basing per UNIT. When the full unit is assembled, the theme shows in the combined parts of all their bases.
Still easier said than done. But at least a good step forward. Now I have some pretty good ideas how to make the units look like they are in the sewer - with water canals, sewer drains, piping, etc. I have been searching the net for something that could make my modelling easier, and ended with Hirst Arts, a company that sells the molds for various floor tiles, building bricks etc for scenery and sorts. I picked a type of floor that i wanted to use, and ordered them. Now I could easily cast my basing, modify and add the models on later.
I just received those molds, and did some early testing with various plasters and such, and still need to decide what to use.

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