zondag 30 januari 2011

Skaven Blog - part 2: Casting

As I explained in the previous article, I had ordered some molds for floor tiles to create a sewer-themed basing for my new Skaven army.
A friend of mine was simultaneously doing some similar experiments, and he came up with an excellent epoxy plastic (Smooth Cast) to cast my tiles with. Dried in 15 minutes, easy to sculpt with afterwards, etc. So I have been busy casting the first tiles, and figuring out how to lay out the overall look for a unit. Still working on that. As soon as I have the first unit done, I WILL place some pics here.
In the meanwhile, I just couldn't let those new models just sit there untouched. I have cut & pasted a full unit of Clanrats, Slaves and Stormvermin already, as well as my Doomwheel. The latter, I could already start to paint on last weekend, and with much enthousiasm did so.
The pic above shows you how far it is now - still WIP, and the pic was taken with my iPhone, hence the bad quality. But that's okay, it's just to give you an impression of what is to become. Tease tease!

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