zondag 30 januari 2011

Skaven Blog - part 3: Doomwheel & Army Colors

Slowly but steady the Doomwheel is being painted, and while doing so I am inventing new color schemes, and am designing colors for the main army scheme as well.
The two main things I needed to find out were the skin tone, and the overall main army color. For this last bit, I had been doubting; in my previous army, I gave each clan their own color scheme - Warlord clan was red, although Storm Vermin wore green, Warlocks and seers wore whites, Moulder was brown, Pestilence was initially purple, but later turned blue-grey, etc, etc. As you can imagine, a colorfull bunch :D
This time I wanted to do things more uniformally. Since I very much like Warlord Clans and Clan Skryre, I felt that I needed to combine these two into one color scheme. Next to that, I felt that Moulder still needed to use browns/ bleached bone colors, and Pestilence still in blue/ grey colors. By adding the main color to these units, I should be able to create that uniformity, as well as individualize each clan.
While painting the Engineer on the Doomwheel, I discovered that red was probably the best color to use as main theme. Now I didn't feel like doing your every day Blood Red/ Choas-like Khorne red, so after some experimenting came to a kind of bordeaux, matte type of red (see pics), and was very thrilled about how it looked! This is definately the main theme in my army.
Next up was the skin. I felt that ordinary Elf Flesh-tones were just too bright, so with some dabbing into colors and doing it over again some three times), I came up with something skin like, but just a bit darker, fouler, greyer, yet more lifelike. The pic with monk (from the Doomwheel - that IS a monk, right?) will show the best results on that.

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