zondag 30 januari 2011

Skaven Blog - part 4: Basing theme & Doomwhe

I have been quite occupied lately (damned Assassin's Creed II), but in little pockets of time I could get myself to do some work on the Skaven project.
First of all, I wanted to show what I was working on for basing. As I said, I want to do a sewer theme. I got molds from Hirst Art, got to some casting with quick hardening plastics, lots of sawing ad cutting - not to mention the brainwork to figure out how to make it work, with the models and all, and here are some pics to show how the basing of my FIRST unit is going along.

Also, an update on the Doomwheel. Thanks to some people - who thought that my brass was looking like gold - I did some extra work on the metallics, and added weathering around all dots and linings and such. Also some more work on the entire innerworks, including the engineer, which is coming out perfecty - the fur is clean white, and all warpstone is glowing as I intended. Look close for the glowing effect, something I intend to add to ALL warpstone related modelling.
I have yet to do the small rats inside the wheel, before I can fully assemble the wheel. Then just the monk on the back, and the banner, before I can start to think about it's basing!

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