zondag 30 januari 2011

Skaven Blog - part 5: Water Effects problem

I have been breaking my head over the water-problem lately. Until I could solve that. I dared not to glue the first models to my previously made basing. So I got stuck for a while.
What was the problem? I wanted to create a water effect for the models walking in the drainage of the sewer. I could do this the easy way: cutu off their feet, or even more, and after painting add some PVA glue and Gloss Varnish for the glossy effects. But I was afraid of cutting their feet and then to find out it would not do the trick. PLus it would be a too big a drop from the ledge of the neighbouring models to the water surface - just too deep! Besides that: it's a lame solution.
I wanted a solution that did not require cutting off feet, and create a thick layer of (semi-)transparent water, and thus also making the canal seem filled more. I have been thinking about pouring epoxies, but that would require a lot of hassle to keep the fluids from flowing off the base - do-able, but very time consuming. I have thought of layer upon layer upon layer of PVA glue - equally time consuming!
Until I searched the net and on one forum (cannot remember which one), someone (cannot remember who) gave a tip to use Acrylic Gel medium! A gel that hardly flows, dries up transparent, is able to be colored with ordinary paints and inks, and somewhat remains in shape. The writer showed how he created flames with it! It was WONDERFULL. And I had the luck that my girlfriend had been into painting a while back, and so she had a tube of the stuff lying around for me to dabble with.
It seems promising. I have done some tests, and some still underway, but I believe I have solved the puzzle. This is a great way to create rippling and splashes too, so I expect that I will be doing the basing for my Doomwheel pretty soon too!
Here are some pics on the Doomwheel WIP, and yes, I DID glue the first 30 Clanrats on their bases as well! They are looking awesome and I can't wait to start painting them!

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  1. Wow... its a great idea the sewer thing.... wish i was patient enough to make my skaven army a themed one good job!!