zondag 30 januari 2011

Skaven Blog - part 8: Plague Priest & Screaming Bell

I thought I'd share some very overdue WIP pics, that I have had lying around. These pics have been made with my iPhone, son lights and quality are a bit off, but I assure you that the final pics will be much, much better.
The Plague Priest I am also using in a fun painting contest on Battle reporter.com. I used the Plague Furnace priest model, but added a book from the Plague Monk sprue instead of the usual incense burner.
Like I said: it is still WIP, although the painting is done here. I only want to add the water effect and then it's done.
Also you'll see some views of the Screaming Bell, which by the way is completely done, but again: still need to get some good shot from that. In these pics, the Grey Seer on top is not yet finished, so as a tease: you'll see him in the final pics :D
Really had a blast painting it, even though it really is a monstrosity to work on. I really went all-out on it, it will be one of those very catchy centrepieces of the army.

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