zondag 30 januari 2011

Skaven Blog - part 9: Vermin Lord

Man did I have a blast with this one. Here’s the deal: ever since I first saw the new Daemon Prince model - about two years ago presented in the current Chaos Army Book - I KNEW I would be using that to convert it to a Vermin Lord. So when the model finally was released, I instantly bought it, and had a go at it for three consecutive days. Because I knew that once I would stop for a pauze, it would grind to a halt. So, I finished in one go - that is, the sculpting and converting part.
First off, I was glad I have kept a spare old metal Vermin Lord head in my bitz box, so that had to be mounted on. That was a doozy. Then I wanted all the chaos-runes removed, which proved a bit more work. Filling in the gaps in his chest, arm greaves and removing the works on the leg plates was tedious work.Then puttying back on Skaven runes was fun. then for the big haul: sculpt large masses of fur on the model. I have always been told that fur was very easy to sculpt, but have never really done it (no, really!), but it was amazingly simple! All it took was time.
The part I am most proud of though is the Doomglaive, which I created from scratch. I used a simple plastic rod as a base, then worked all around that. I actually had a different blade, but that proved to be too big and completely out of proportion.
Hard parts were sculpting on the nipples, where exact placing is crucial, and the extra rims on the arm greaves, which had to be done really tight.
As I write this, I have already started painting the beauty, and decided to link it to the Storm Vermin style, so it is going to be a black-furred, greyish skinned Vermin Lord, which will make it the more menacing I hope. Here you can see how I painted the skin tone.

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  1. cool colors! im still struggling on how to color mine.. tough decision :)