vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Lage Landen painting contest

Tomorrow - March 26th - the Dutch and Belgian GW stores are hosting the preliminary of the new painting competition for the Netherlands and Belgium ('De Lage Landen'), which should probably be of equal status as a Golden Daemon competition in the making. So, as kind of a joke, and mostly as a try out, I've let myself be persuaded by some good friends to join them and enter in a few categories. Now they have had time to paint one or more models especially for this competition, but I am not so blessed with spare time, so I have to make do with whatever I have ready. Most of it is painted in a more-than-great-tabletop quality, where I think that they'll probably don't make any chance in this kind of competition, but a few are pretty much up there. So, it will be a gamble to see how it goes. But in the end it is the experience and fun of partipating that counts, and to get a hint of what quality painters the Low Lands are housing these days. Could I be up there too? If only....

These are the models I plan to enter (no pics though. Browse my older posts...):

Single 40K model: Imperial Guard captain 'white coat/toxic waste' theme
40K regiment: Imperial Guard 'Killzone' theme
Single Fantasy model: either Dark Elf Dreadlord, or that one goes to Open Category and I'll enter Ikit Claw
Fantasy Regiment: Shadow Warriors Mordheim Gang
Fantasy Monster: either Daemon Prince or Chaos Lord on Juggernaut (can't decide)
Large Model: Screaming Bell

I'm placing my best bets on the Mordheim gang, the Dreadlord and the Juggernaut. And maybe even the Daemon Prince...

To be continued!

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