zondag 17 april 2011

Doodles and babysteps

Just to let you all know: I am not doing nothing!
I have been doing some mass painting on my Skaven Stormvermin unit - all metals at once...pfff, that's a tedious job! I have also put on the base color for the skin on the first 5 models.

Besides that, I have also been doing some practing. I have been very interestted in the blog from the Brush Brothers, and decided to practice some of their work: I always wanted to fiddle with Space Wolves a bit, battle damage, and I wanted to try out their way of painting faces. Although it is in no way meant to be high standard, or something I would send in at a painting contest ;), I am glad with the experience, and I have learned a lot by doing so. Have a look at their blog sometime and do some practising yourself! Really! I helps!

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