woensdag 13 april 2011

Lage Landen Painting Competition

This year GW Netherlands en Belgium decided to host a painting competition, much alike to the Golden Daemon in the UK, although the format is somewhat different. With much joy and pride I can now claim to be one of the winners in that competition!

The format: All GW Stores in the NEtherlands and Belgium first hoster a preliminary, where you could enter your model in one of 11 categories. The 1st to 3rd places of all categories would be entered in the finals held in Amsterdam.
Some friends and me decided to enter the preliminaries in Antwerpen, where I brought home 4 first places, for:

- WH Single (Ikit Claw)
- WH Regiment (Mordheim Shadow Warriors)
- WH Monster (Chaos Daemon Prince)
- Large Model (Screaming Bell)

In all other categories I entered I got second or third, so all in all: I scored a finals place with all models. However, decided to enter the finals only with the models that scored first place. My mates persuaded me to at least also enter the Dark Elf Dreadlord I entered in Open Category (and got 2nd place).

On April 10th we went to Amsterdam. To make a long story short: I brought home a total of THREE first places, two second places, AND OVERALL WINNER :)

This really is a big step in my rise on the painting ladder I guess, and it sure as hell makes me even more determined to enter the Golden Daemons pretty soon now - as long as time permits!

You might like to see the coverage from GW's What's New here:

Anyway: here are some pics from the winning models:

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  1. Super vet! nogmaals gefeliciteerd en ik ben zeker benieuwd wat je gaat klaar maken voor de GD

  2. What colors did you use for the Daemon Prince?

  3. First off, I undercoalted the entire model in BLACK

    Base color: Hormagaunt Purple with just a touch of Midnight Blue. Then keep adding Fortress grey in layers towards the highlights. Lastly add some pure Skull White to the mix for the final highlights.

    Hands/ Feet/ Wings:
    Once done with the skin, I used a very thinned down wash of Chaos Black to fade the colors of the skin to black. Apply this in very thin, watery layers, let it dry each time to see it's full effect, before applying another layer of wash. Be gentle and patient with this, you want the fade be done gradiently. Once done, and the hands and feet were black, I made a micx of Chaos Black, Fortress Grey (just a pinch) and Midnight blue (also: just a pinch), and highlighted with that color. You can do some extra layers by adding teeny bits of Fortress Grey to the mix each time.

    Or actually: the Flakes on the wings, and also the rag between his legs: Start off by roughly creating the shapes in Dark Elf Flesh. You may hardly see where the shapes are after you're done, but that's okay. Add some Scab Red to the Dark Elf Flesh, and do the shapes again, but leave some DE Flesh on the topside. Each step after this is exactly like this, but adding some brighter reds and oranges (like Blood Red, just a pinch Fiery Orange...) working yourself more downward of each flake.

    First a full coat of Burnished Gold, then a flooding wash of Badab Black. After that has dried, apply a wash of Devlan Mud. A cool effect (which i didn't use hee though) is to add a wash of Baal Red as well! Try it!
    After all washes have dried, paint back base colors in Burnished gold, then add Shining gold to the mix, next layers add some Chainmail Silver of Mithril Silver to the mix, aand finish your work by highlighting the very edges with almost pure Silver.