zaterdag 2 april 2011

Skaven Blog - part 12: Ratling Gun

Here's a real quick update. I wanted to create a plastic Ratling Gun, as Island of Blood gave me a WFT and a Poison Wind Morar in plastic too. And then, when the second wave of mini's for Sakven were released, they gave new weapon teams, but still no new Ratling Gun. So: I had to make my own. Really simple actually:

I took the Warp Fire Thrower from Island of Blood. First I cut off the nozzle of the flamethrower, and mounted a Space Marine Assault Cannon on. To intergrate it more in the model, I created a bit of a handle with greenstuff. Next, I didn't want the bak model to look the same as the WFT, so some (slight) alterations were in place. I cut off the top dome, to create an open-topped 'barrel'. I wanted it to be filled with Warpstone rocks, that would internally be grinded to pellets, transported to the gun through the hose, and get the picture. Some cork snippets did the trick really.

Off to painting I guess!

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  1. Thanks for this fantastic idea, really inspired me. Instead of the cork I put one of the old round clanrat shields over the top. It's the exact same width of the backpack.