zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Great painting session on GD entry

Wow, I have been so stuck between work and studies, that I have had ample time for some painting. With the Golden Daemon competitions coming up, I figured I shoould really make a good start around now. I created one free day for painting, and dedicated it entirely to my entry for the UK competition.

Now most of the time I share all my stuff without any notice, but this time I want to keep it a bit special. Not because I am afraid that someone will steal my idea - that's ridiculous anyway! - but just to not give away the piece before the end.
Nonetheless, I promissed a preview / teaser. Yes: I'm doing a Space Wolf Terminator thing. And although I do not expect to win the GD with this, I would like to make it to the final cut. We'll see I guess.

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