donderdag 2 juni 2011

Mini Exchange, Wet Blending, and Golden Daemon entry?

I have started a few new project, mainly to paint some stress from work and study, and to do something different than the masses of rats in my Skaven army.

Yesterday, a few friends and me got together to do a mini exchange. We pooled in some long lost unpainted mini's from our own supplies, that we probably would never get around to painting ourselves. All models got redistributed so everybody is now painting a model for someone else.
I get to give a go at the Games Workshop Dark Eldar Succubus in the new Citadel Finecast. Man, that stuff is awesome, great detail and easy to handle. I think I am gonna have a blast doing this model.

Also, I have been following Stdio McVey's forum, and there I fond two videos where Ali McVey is doing some wetblending on one of the Sedition Wars mini's. I got so interested, finally seeing how it is done, that I had to try it. I got myself the Ork Boss from the GW Warhammer 40K Starter Set, and gave it a go. Now, I wouldn't be me, if I didn't want to make it so much more difficult for myself, so I decided to try a skin tone on the Ork, that starts from a normal flesh color, and try to create a 'realistic' green skin tone. In the pics below, I have applied the base coat in Tallarn Flesh, and have blended dark greens to create the shades. Next up are the highlights, and see what'll happen...

Oh, and I had myself tricked into participating in a Golden Daemon contest in the near future - maybe coming one? I don't wanna give the whole model away - especcially since there is still so much to be done - but I cannot contain myself in showing some pics...Enjoy!

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