zondag 21 augustus 2011

Dark Angels Veteran, part 2

I promised some painting WIP's. Well, here they are. I have been dabbling with so many various color's of green, that for the love of God I cannot reproduce that here anymore. But i know that first I put a moderately dark green basic layer on, and from that worked my way towards the highlights. I didn't go as far as I intent to go, because I still needed to do some shading too, and didn't want the contrast too big.

So after this I added shades with a lot of browns in it. Another reason to shade it darker was to give more contrast between the various components. After all that was done, I went back to the highlighting, trying to capture the glints off of the armour. I made a mix of greens and Space Wolf Grey. It really felt natural and in my eyes looks stunning.
Also in these pics you'll see that I started to work on the cloak. This is a bit dark basic color, but I definately intent to clear that up soon enough :P

still so much to do....

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