donderdag 18 augustus 2011

Dark Angels Veteran, WIP's

After Gamesday Germany, I frantically started up a new project. I was not sure why, or what to do with it, but as it is progressing, I might very well try to finish it for Gamesday UK, and have a model I really have my heart into. I have been hesitating to show tese WIP pics before they were finished, but then I thought: what the hell! maybe I'll get some pointers along the way...

The vision to do this came to me in a dream - well, half wake actually - and the next day I found out whether I could pull it off. I had this image of a Space Marine thumping his Powerfist into the ground, slamming the concrete to bits.
I found I had a set of kneeling legs from the Missilie Launcher model, which fitted the purpose perfectly. After some kitbashing, this is what I came up with:

You can see that later on I was not overly satisfied with the sword-arm, so I added a different one, pointing back and upwards, and this felt much more correct.
But, as fond as I am of Dark Angels, and because I felt it had to be MORE, I decided to sculpt a cloak on it. If I was to enter it into a painting competition, this should also score me some more credit, so why not. This is also when I found out the Milliput is really the sculpting putty for me! MY GOD, I love this stuff!

I must say that I am very satisfied with how this came out. Next was the background. I wanted to do something like a wall, a very high wall. I regret that I didn't placed the model a bit more forward, because now he will get a bit too close to the wall to my liking, but I figure that's tough luck. I want to do a gritty gothic Cities of Death style of wall behind him, but in such a way that it seems as though there is a really huge building behind him, stretching both ways, yet the only thing you see now is the width of the base. This is what I came up with (still needs some work, like loose cables, maybe a gargoyle, battle damage, etc)

Next time I'll show some painted pics, as I just started yesterday evening on the green armour. The very first layers...

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  1. give me more, give me more ;-)
    Looking good partner! Can't wait to see some paint slapped on. Seems like we'll be in the same category for this GD :-D