donderdag 4 augustus 2011

Death Korps model

While I am furiously working on the Golden Daemon model for the UK, I wanted to doodle a bit, to get some distraction from that model, just to do something else. I started to work on this Death Korps of Krieg model I once bought from Forgeworld. I wanted to do a toxic waste-theme, with a really sickly looking horse, but my first try (back then) was a complete failure. So I thought I'd get back to this and redo the whole thing. This time, with the same pale skintone in mind, I approached the colorscheme in a whole different way. I started with a base coat of Rotting Flesh, then added shading with Camo Green and later added some Midnight Blue to that. For highlight I added just a pinch Elf Flesh to the Rotting Flesh, and later even a bit of Skull White.
Next was the uniform, which I did with Scaly Green, then added Scab Red for shading. For highlights I mixed a bit of Space Wolf Grey with Scaly Green and Hawk Turquise, and later even more Space Wolf Grey.

I think it is turning out great, and maybe, MAYBE, if I'll be able to finish it before next Sunday, I'll even enter it in the Golden Daemon Germany, where I will be going to with the entire gang. Gonna be fun!

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