donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Epilogue to Golden Daemon Germany

Well, that was a bust!

No, I am greatly exaggerating. I went to the Golden Daemon Awards in Colonne, Germany, with the entire Saints team, and entered a Death Korps of Krieg model (pics below!), which I just started a few weeks ago, just as a doodle. I should have known that it would not even make the cut to the next round. It was no surprise however, when I saw all the great entries: I knew they were way out of my league.What's more, I intended to meet some of the big players there, but failed to meet with ANYONE. I didn't even visit the workshops as thouroughly as I wanted.

I went home with a few illusions crushed. Yet, in all honesty, I had to admit that I had not shown the best of my abilities in that particular model either. So I need to look at what I CAN do, to earn a worthy place between those other entries.

The best thing I took from Colonne was that I saw first hand what I had to do to get near a prize winning model. I reviewed both the  Death Korps model and my original entry for the UK. There is much work to be done. So muh work in fact, that I am reconsidering entering the UK Golden Daemon this year, work on the model and give it a try next year. I don't have much time left: I am sarting studies in a few weeks, and work after this weekend. Bye bye happy days....

In the meantime, when I got back from Colonne I grabbed one model from my Dark Angels army, and went to paint away the frustrations. This is a Terminator Apothecary that I still had to do to complete the unit. Luckily, this only needs to be done 'tabletop' quality, so I really finished it in one day. That was fun to do...

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