woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Winged Brush Co. is operational!

Well, it's official: My good mate Tyr (Gert d'Hollander) and I started the 'Winged Brush Co.', a miniature painting service. We just took the plunge. We strife to do really awesome singles, but will also lend ourselves for full armies if that is what is asked.
I really hope it'll get off the ground. We just got our first assignments for an online shop, so that could mean a kind of steady flow of orders. But I want to take on more. I hope to fill three full days of work, since I will be losing my job soon, and am looing to fill the gap this way. Would be cool...

Check out the gallery HERE or email us on wingedbrushco@hotmail.com
Now back to painting for the Golden Daemons...!

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