donderdag 1 september 2011

Dark Angels Veteran, Part 3

I guess it's time for an update on the DA Veteran project. I have been quite busy, and with a good degree of yoy, as I was pushing myself to new hights once again.Here are some closeups of the Veteran himself. Just a few details left:

I really am fond of the smashed concrete :)

 I had a real brain fart on the background thing, and decided to sculpt a long banner along that wall. At first, I had this banner flow on the BACKSIDE of the entire model, but my girl conviced me to turn the wall around and have it face the viewer directly. She was - as always - exactly on the money! The model is so much more to look at now, and still does not draw attention from the main figure too much. I love it.

On the inside of the cover of the Dark Angels Codex, there's a foto of a scene, where on the walls are also these kinds of long banners, though made from paper probably. They depict a streched version of the Chapter Banner as shown further on in the codex. That was exactly the banner I wanted to paint on it, and I think I did a fair job.

At this moment, the banner is indeed finished, although I do not have pics of it yet. I am still working on some minor details on the wall, but have already glued the wall on the base.
Things left to do: add some debris along the walls edge, add broken stained glass in the windows, and funk up the base with something like a empty helmet of sorts...(with thanks to Tyr for these ideas).

And then there was a problem. Because in order to enter the category 'Single Model', it MUST stand on a gaming base. Weeellll... with my model SCULPTED onto the SQUARE plinth, that is posing to be a problem I might not solve without tearing the whole thing down. If all the sculpting would even survive that. The alternative is having it enter 'Open Category' instead, but then have it be diminished between all those awesome, and mostly BIG scenic entries...
Choices, choices...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. You know where I stand , concerning the choices :-D
    But great pics, great work regardless of the GD outcom :-D
    Releasing another work of art on the world is what we strive for!!!!

  2. Looking great, really like the tone of the concrete floor. You also did not go overboard with the battle damage which is good I think. easy way to make stained glass: google church+stained glass on the net and photocopy the picture ona transparant sheet ... works great, but you probably already know that :)

    looking forward for new creations!

  3. Great work, really love the idea, and exeqution is also very neat:) Hope I'll see it on GD UK:)