zondag 4 september 2011

Dark Angels Veteran, Part 4 - tearing it all down again

In order for my Golden Daemon entry to be legal in the Singles Category, it MUST be mounted on a gaming base. Dit poses a real problem, as the entire model has been glued and sculpted onto the square plinth. Damn, why didn't I think of this before?
I concocted a plan, and throughout the entire process, I was scared as hell I would damage the piece beyond repair. Luckily, after the necessary cutting, sawing and filling, the model itself was just lightly chipped (nothing that couldn't be touched up again), but the floorwork as well as the entire plinth needed some extensive plastic surgery.

First I cut off the top 5-6 mm of the plinth, just under the concrete floor. i had to be carefull not to destroy the floor-sculpt too much. Next, I drew a Terminator sized circle underneath, and used a fine figure saw to cut off the corners (as the square was 40x40 just like a terminator base is 40mm in diameter, it eventually came down to just that: cutting off corners!). I left the front corner intact, as it fully captures the impact from the powerfist, and I felt that much of it's power would be lost if I cut it up.

Next I glued the corners with some added height back onto the remaining plinth, and the cut-out piece onto the terminator base. a perfect fit!

I decided that the best way to go, was to add some extra depth on the back of the plinth bty adding some wood, and have the wall section stand a bit further away from the model. Then I glued plasticard all around, and have a smooth surface again. All I need to do now is work with putty to make a good transition from the models base to the plinth.

Also I have already fiddled a bit with some losose bits and stuff to create some more livelyness to the base. That concrete floor alone just doesn't cut it. I think I have a pretty cool idea to add, that tells a lot of story, yet leaves a lot to your own imagination. You'll see!

Still...so much to do...

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