zondag 11 september 2011

Dark Angels Veteran, Part 5 - ...and building it up again!

I had a good and productive day yesterday, with my good friend Tyr. Beforehand  I finished 'refurbishing' the Veteran model: I finished the casing of the plinth, added some gravel and sand on the base of the wall, and for some extra fluff, I thought a spent and thrown away Bolt Pistol would be cool, along with some shells etc.

So, in this state I took the model to Tyr's, and did some painting. I completely repainted the floor, so you might see some differences. Also, i found that the black banner did not stand out enough against the metallic wall, so i decided to add a kind of broken off plaster on it. I had to add some rust effects of sorts to the plaster wall, or else the cloak of the model would pale against it.
I am really joyed by how the bolter and shells come out, and it really does add extra flavor to the model.
Oh and sorry about the crappy iPhone pics...

Now what's left are some minor details on the wall, maybe a red line on the cloack, a bit of chipping to fix on the veteran, and create a nice plaque on the plinth. Am still doubting what it should say...any suggestions?

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  1. enjoyed the painting session... :-D text suggestion: "Vengeance is Mine!"? His facial expression let's me think he's Pissed off and mad about it :-D

  2. Hi
    Good that you figured out how to make the base legal in single and still look cool:) Really like the rust effect on the wall. One thing I'm not sure if I like is his sword. I don't mean technique but the fact that it's so clean compared to the rest of this entry. Few scrathces or blood effect might work good in my opinion. Also, I'd love to see some better pics of this guy;)