dinsdag 13 september 2011

Dark Angels Veteran, Part 6 - the end...for now

Thanks to Ioler from The Brush Brothers's comment on my last post, I went back to the model for a quick extra (Thanks, Ioler, for the kind words and the helpfull tip!). I added a few notches and some blood splatter to the sword. And then pulled out my little DIY photo studio and took some better pics (although, somehow, my inferiour cam still does no credit to it...really! No, REALLY!). These will be the last pics I'll post of it, until Gamesday - I hope GW will make some great pictures of the model, if it pleases them :P
I still need to add the plaque with some text (have a good notion of what it should say), but that'll be for AFTER the event. Enjoy so far :D

4 opmerkingen:

  1. The sword looks better now, I really like it.
    glad I could help

  2. Nice visual link between boltpistol & sword....2 flashes of red close to one another :-D

    Looks good dude!!! Good luck

  3. I love it!

    It's been a couple of days since you left a comment on my blog on the battle damage tutorial so sorry for not replying sooner...

    I think you're one of Hollands best painters so, yes! I would like to see a tutorial on how you do battle damage. well, I'd like to see lots of tutorials from you actually.

    succes met GD.

  4. Thanks for the very kind words, Seb - you are too kind, and if you think I am one of NL's best painters, then you should count yourself among them too! And yeah, I'll make sure to post some tutorials after the GD! Cross your fingers for me ;)