dinsdag 27 september 2011

Golden Daemon UK, quick update

Just a quicky, for all you guys follwing me. I went to the Golden Daemon competition with my goals set on making AT LEAST the finalist's cut, and hell yeah: I made that one!
I'll make sure to post some nice pics of the full, completed model as soon as possible, but for now I just wanted to share this with you all!

I had a blast during the weekend, and topped it off with this. Had a chance to meet up with Loler from Brush Bothers (you did a great paintjob on that 40K single, man! Tell me how you fared on all your categories, ok?), and I had some good critisism from a few guys, like Tyr, Robert Sta and some others. Should have asked for some advice from the Design Studio, stupid I didn't think of it then. Hell, we were in a hurry anyway...!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. gefeliciteerd man!

    op naar lowland painting 2012? ;)


  2. is that the pin you get for making the cut?

    Going to a GD sounds like heaven to me. hope you had a blast and now share all your pics with all of us...


  3. Hello mate:)
    It was good to talk to you, hope we can meet again
    as for entries, I had 5 first cuts, but no statues at all;( Next year it'll be better!!:) I'll try at GD Germany next time, hope I'll be more lucky:)


    ps. don't know if you've seen my other entries, but tomorrow I'll post them on my blog;)