dinsdag 29 november 2011

Legion of the Damned, and Skaven!

Wow I have been busy! I finished not only that first Legion of Doom squad, but even managed to do the entire second squad as well. Pics of those below. I managed to agree with this customer to have the tanks and dread for this army donee by my Winged Brush friend Gert (Tyr), so I will have my hands free for the Arachnarok Spider that must be done by February. Enough time I should think?

In the meanwhile, I will be painting for a local painting competition in Zwolle by the end of this week. I decided to use my skills on one of my Skaven models that I was eyeing a lot - and also thanks to Gert! It is nearly finished now, and I am really thrilled about it. I just applied the water effects, and I hope it dried transparently by the end of the week...!
I'll have pics up of that model after the event, but here's a preview as well!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Really great job on the legion of the damned but I need to see more of the skaven. The layering of the red looks amazingly good.

    Are you working on any "lage landen schilder competitie"projects yet?


  2. Thanks guys. @Warpaintguy: Nope, I have some ideas but none of them are worked out yet. I might even send in this Skaven model, but then again: I have such a better idea for Fantasy Single...Still wondering when it will be!

  3. From what I heard from they GW shopmanager details about the competition will be released mid january. Expect to hand in your models by the end of march and competition rounds Mid April like last year.