woensdag 7 december 2011

Arachnarok Spider, Work in Progress, part 1

One of my latest commissions for the Winged Brush Co. is the Arachnarok Spider. Here's a model my girlfriend really freaks about when she sees it, so when I'm not working on it, I have to cover it up so  as not to startle her :D

Now, in most cases, a model like this will be done in a tabletop manner, as most people only have such model because they need it in their army. Not so in this case.
Here, the customer demanded a much higher quality of painting, somthing he could put into his display cabinet and drool over :P
I make it no secret that I am not too fond of doing such big models in this quality. But as I started to work this week on the big spider, I was happily surprised to find the model a small joy to work on.
There are some nice little details, and even the 'big' work has earned my devotion.

This week I started on the fleshy underparts of the spider. I wanted to begin with the carapache, but I figured that I would smear a lot on that when I would work on the underbelly, especially where the legs meet the body. I was right, and was glad I changed plans.

Now I just need to blacken the carapache where I painted on, and get going with those parts.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ieks!!! but in a good kind of way :-D looking good.....:-D looking forward to more progress

  2. Wow been a while since i last came into ur blog... that spider is looking nasty!( in the good way)
    waiting to see it finished!