maandag 9 januari 2012

Arachnarok Spider, and some fooling around...

I finished the spider-part of the Arachnarok Spider. I though I did earlier, but failed to remember the little spiders coming out of it's body, and a ton of other touch-ups and such.

I also started on the base. I wanted to do a 'standard' gound-and-grass theme, but thought that adding a bit of variation to the ground would spice it up a bit. So, with some added big rocks scattered around, and painting it in certain areas as rocky outcropping, this place could well be somewhere in the mountains, where forest and stone meet. Whaddaya think?

Besides that, I have also worked on my Black Templar Squad. Since the start I had this idea for the painting scheme, and after a good talk with a new painting colleague and creative and inspiring artist Damien Pedley (check out his gallery), I just had to try it out on a test model. I plucked out a random terminator model form somewhere, and worked on it. Now, this is merely to see if my theory would work, so yes: it can still be a lot neater and cleaner. But concusions are: it works. What's the theory? To paint the black armour, start from Catachan Green, and shade your way down to black...


3 opmerkingen:

  1. So, you're at it again :-D
    I forsee nice things for the templars & a happy customer for the spidey. But what about the zillion goblins ;-)

  2. very good job u did on that spider!! painting models in black seems pretty dificult and u achieved it perfectly!!

  3. Black works very well, nice idea using the green as well mate