dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Continued on Sigvald WIP

This model has me in it's grip. Seriously. I have been pondering all day about painting it further, and was glad when it was evening, when I was able to.

I had to do the left (right for viewers!) shoulderpad all over again, since I saw one HUGE moldline that I could not by any means disguise. So, it was scraping off paint, cleaning the pad, and repaint. Thank God I got White Primer paint (Vallejo) so I didn't have to basecoat the whole thing again.

Next up were hair and gold bits. Then I was pondering the color of the cloak. I could do something like a light purple, or even pink, to bring out the Slaanesh theme, or do a cold color, like blue, as a contrast thing. But both options led me to believe that it would turn this model to that 'freakishly weird scheme' I mentioned in my previous post. I regarded the base color (white), and it all fitted: the cloak and loincloth were to be spotless white, like a table sheet! This would emphasize the red/ purple armour, and be completely in line with the perfectness of the character. I painted the entire cloak spotless white first (lots of thin layers!!!), then  mixed some Fortress grey with just a teeny bit of Shadow Grey, made a wash of it, and only needed to paint the shades, using my own light as a reference. Damn, that is so easy :)

I'll have to add some intricate freehand designs on there later on. Not too flashy, just some rim work, maybe a big Slaanesh sign...I don't know yet...

Also did a few touch-ups on the skin here and there, where I felt the shades were too dark, or not dark enough. Small stuff...

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