vrijdag 10 februari 2012

St. Celestine,WIP part 3

After quite a couple of hours of intense work, St. Celestine is almost finished!

I just wanted to share these pics, before I am finished, and will get some more decent photos with my studio - I think a black background would do wonders.
I have been toiling with the cape, to be honest. I have been going back and forth on the red, adding highlights, getting shades back, changing the overall tone by glazing....I think I have seen four differnent tones of red passing by, but finally I got one I was thoroughly happy with.
I added a simple delicate freehand to it - I wouldn't want to waste the color too much with too many scribblings and such, and in honesty: I don't know if it would fit the model.
All that is left is the base, which will be done later today, and then...PICS!

...and getting paid...

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