maandag 16 april 2012

New base for Stegadon part 2

I could not leave it alone yesterday. I kept looking at that base I started (see my previous post), and just felt the itch to keep working on it. So sue me!

1. drawing leaves

While the milliput was drying, I went on with the fern leaves. Here's what I did:
After painting the paper as you an see in the previous post, I drew leaf-like shapes on to it.
Next I cut them out. I folded them a bit in half, so that they have that shape already. I would not be able to do this after the next step: cutting the leaves even further.
As you can see, I already have a nice collection of luscious green fern leaves, as well as some long tapered shapes. Gotta have variation!

2. cutting leaves out

3. folding leaves

4. more cutting
5. all far!

So, after that was done, I went on with the base itself. I added some more tiles (had the big branch really push some of 'em upwards), and a air of leaves sculpted. Then I used a texture paste to give the soil some character.

I went on to priming (black) and did some quick drybrushing with Scorched Brown, Graveyard Earth, Desert Yellow and topped  off with Bleached Bone.

Last thing I did yesterday was priming the tiles in white (using Valejo's White Primer), and then generously applying a coat of Gryphon Sepia wash. This really works wonders for a soft yellow stone kind of color. Needs just a tad of tidying up.

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  1. love the looking...when all leaves r placed will look awesome !!