zondag 27 mei 2012

Mini Exchange: Isabella von Carstein, part II

With every stroke of my brush, I feel my disposition towards the old sculpt of Isabella shift from 'UGG! This is horrendous!' to 'I think I can actually make this work...!'

Now that I have added some more color on her, I can clearly see where my choices will lead to. I was afraid at first that the off-white 'wedding style' color of the dress would prove too pale for the entire model, but now I see that it really brings out her eerie beauty. Sort of.

I see that my idea for the sleeves (actually gloves) work, but somehow it just is not right just yet. I can't lay my finger on it though, so if you know...don't hesitate to tell me!

I still need to do so much: the gold, the silver cp, the metal dagger, heer make-up and eyes, and I am certain to do some cobweb pattern on the dress. But I don't want to make it too obvious, so I might use grey colors only.

I am also pondering if and what I should put on the cloak - embroidery, a sigil, runes...? Still not sure. Like I am not sure of what to do with the base. But that'll come soon enough

3 opmerkingen:

  1. hey man!! and wich is your idea for the sleeves??

    1. Can't you see? They are originally gloves, but I did these panty-sleeve thingies that hook onto the middle finger. Take a good look!

  2. aahmm okok i get it .... well in my opinion the sleeves option is much more interesting than simple gloves...