zaterdag 2 juni 2012

Mini Exchange: Isabella von Carstein, part IV

Here's a quick update on Isabelle. I have been doodling with her base, and I took the advice of Breadhead (WAMP forum), and did a theme with a spiral case.

I have ought casting moulds once for my Skaven Army, which proved useful here. I made a few casts in plaster, and just stacked them up in a spiraly way.

Now my friend Gert (Tyr) has challenged me to make a banister of some sort. Since I want to give it that real gothic/ victorian feel, I thought to do it in metal wire and weld it together. Or something. Dunno yet. Some inspiration:

Gonna take some time I guess. Anyone any easier ideas?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Don't make it too complicated if you know up front that you'll get yourself in trouble. Why not add a ruined banister? That will make it a bit easier, for example a large piece of the top (leuning, het gedeelde dat je vast neemt) could be missing. That way you'll only need the vertical pieces, much easier :-)

  2. maybe u can find those kind of banister in some miniature trains maquette shop?