maandag 30 juli 2012

Dark Angels for sale

Yes, it is true. After a couple of years building and painting this collection of models, I decided to get rid of it, and start something new...

But first things first: to get rid of the Dark Angels. Some background perhaps?
As a former fanatical Fantasy player, I started this 40K army as a bit of a joke. I wanted to start with an army as cheap as possible, and so with as few models possible. And ended up with 3 units of Deathwing terminators and a Landraider. And in that time, it was all intented as a joke, with way too much and intricate freehands and painting skills, but hardly any of the gaming inuendo added (yes: I really sucked at playing).
Over the years, the joke became more serious, adding some common tacticals to the mix, and before long I had quite a collection of Dark Angels, Deathwing and Ravenwing units. And all the while I felt that the army had to have that overabundance of artwork, which I felt worked just fine. And it did, considering the many cool, wonderfull and fun remarks I have had during the way too few games played with them.

But now, after some three, four years, I look back upon it and see my nown flaws from that time. And I see how different I would have done it now, probably. Not so much on the artworks itself, but more on the normal work - the armour plating, the battle damage, the standard marines, ... So it is becoming more a creative hold-back, than an inspiration to go to newer hights.

Luckily I have already set my creative mind to a new 40K project. And alas, it will again contain a cynical smirk towards those 40K players that take themsellves too serious. But for another time!

I'll show some pics down here.

*UPDATE* This army is sold already. Happy tiding to it's new owner!

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