donderdag 12 juli 2012

LOADS of new pics

Wow - this has been a hectic month. I graduated and got my teachers degree, hosted and attended a few parties, and in between have been able to do some painting as well.

I finished that damned Isabella model. Now this guy it's for has asked me to do the Vlad von Carstein model that comes in that blister as well, but I respectfully declined...I want to get my hands on a gorgeous model again soon, and that one is not it!!!

Also I made some progress on a still ongoing comission of the Legion f the Damned, two squads of terminators this time. I found that the way I did the black armour took too much effort, and so I found a much faster, much easier way, with nearly the same result.

Finally, I started to fumble around with some bits, got inspired by THIS model by Damien Pedley, and as I am preparing for Throne of Skulls next week, I created a new Belial model with Thunder Hammer (as I did not have one of those yet!).
I sculpted all the robes, tabbard etc myself. For the tabbard I made a mold of the tabbard from the Grey Knight Terminator set, and used that as a base for mine. With the hammer I wanted to do the elongated version as you get in the Grey knight Terminator set. I also added some home made purity seals, with thanks to a tutorial I cannot remember by who.:(
Well, off to painting now, gotta have it done by next week!

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