zondag 19 augustus 2012

Necron project - part 2: of Playmobil and basing

I want to give you guys some more regular updates on this; i.e. whenever I worked on it, I'll show the progress, however small or insignificant...

A couple of days a friend of mine gave me an idea for a relacement for the glow sticks in the Warrior's weapons (Gauss Flayers). I don't like them, it makes them look like Playmobil. Anyway, this friend said to replace them with thin metal wire, bent like a small lightning bolt of sorts. I made an sample of that and well, it was not bad.

But somehow I felt it made the weapon look...fragile. Thin. Hollow. I don't know. So this friend and I went back to discussing, and he showed me how he is going to use the Gauss weapon from the Annihilation Barge to replace the weapon on the Heavy Destroyer. That made me think: would it be possible to replace the Playmobil sticks for parts from the Immortal's Gauss Cannons? Today I did an experiment, and seeing it being a huge and yet simple succes, I converted all 20 of my warriors as such. I even replaced the underslung axe/blade/halberd for the blade from the Immortal's  weapon, and made the whole thing more menacing, and more in tune with the style of the rest of the army's weaponry.

Not only did I do these conversions, I also fumbled around a bit with some bases, and finished on the three 40mm bases for the Tomb Blades. The larger size is fun, as you can really take the thematics way further than on those tiny 25mm's. However: it is a hell of a job to do!

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