zondag 9 december 2012

Infinity: Reverend Moira

I needed a break from the very tedious wood grain on my Woodcron project. And mainly, I needed to 'oomph' up my skills a bit. I really wantd to go all out on a single model, and so chose to start work on an Infinity model.

This is a Reverend Moira model. I tried to somewhat copy the color scheme as seen on the Inifinity website. The black/purple/eggplant colored suit was pretty hard to copy, but I went with the punches. I still think it's  a really cool color.

As I went along, painting her this week (still need to finish the base though!), I was positively thrilled to see myself put so much effort in the details, in the smallest bits, in trying to 'do it right'. Just by working on this model - which is really a hell of a lot smaller and finer than ordinary Warhammer models - I have really learned a lot about my own patience, my drive for high quality, the ability to take as long as it needs to.
Now I am not saying that this is the very very best. Hell no, I still think some blends could have done better. But in general: learning curve gone up a notch! And I may very well have painted the best female face I eer did :)

1 opmerking:

  1. Damn sexy!!!
    It started out very good...but now you are taking it above and beyond :-D
    So yes, up on that learning curve again!
    Wondering where it will lead :-D