maandag 25 maart 2013

My first Elf

I am on a run of sharing what painting I have been doing these last few months that I have been idle on the blog. Part III.
I have never painted a Lord of the Rings model by Games Workshop ever. Well, not in a good quality at least (I may have been doing some demo models once...). With the coming The Fang Painting Competition, I thought it would be about time I'd handle one of them.

The trick is however, that there are only so much great models from that range usable for a painting competition. I just don't think you can show u with a mere standard Moria goblin, or such. Then again, the models that ARE nice, are ones that have been used over and over and over again. Gandalf, Eowyn, Elrond, Galadriel...those ones.
So I have been really looking for a model standing out (or able to make stand out). At first I fond some cool character models, but then I fond that the casts were awefull. And then I saw the standard Elves from the first batch of plastic LotR unit. Here we have a standard Elf in armour, with a sword. Now this could be a challenge! The detail is great (except for the face though!), the pose promising...

Well, it wás a challenge. Not much more to say about it actually. Was cool to do. Not too fond of the freehand on the back (excet for the Elvish scribbling), very proud of the blending. Will probably be my last (LotR) Elf too...

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  1. It's cool mini, I never play the LOTR games but Elves would be my choice. Or Rohan..
    I like freehand, the shading pops it nicely to the eye.