zaterdag 23 maart 2013

What the HELL have I been doing?

Well, it was about time I posted something here again. It is not that I have been sitting idle. On the contrary, I have been working on some entries for the Dutch/ Belgian 'The Fang' painting competition, organised by the local GW stores. Yes, this was formerly called the Lowlands Painting Competition. Don't bite me, I didn't come up with the new name...

In the next few days, I want to give some insight in what I have been working on. Today I'll show you the piece I am working on at this moment. This is the Chaos Lord from the Warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance starter set.
Despite all you can say about GW, I am still amazed by the level of detail these snap-fit models have. It is truely a joy to paint.
These pics have been taken with my phone. Soon enough I'll show some better pics.

I have been keeping the color palette somewhat equal to the way it was painted on the box. I really enjoy the cold-warm contrast in this.
I wanted to experiment with texture on the cloak. It's pretty tough to do the stippling and keep a form or reality, not have it look too much like mere dots.

Still need to do work on the plasma gun (damn, I find that gun ugly. I should have chopped that one off, and replace it with a cooler gun, or maybe even replace the entire hand!), and I have already made a start on the display base.

Thanks for IKEA table legs ^^

To all Dutch and Belgian painters following this blog: who's going to the Fang Competition? Wanna have a meet-up?

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  1. Good stuff, my only comment would be the horns: they have too much of a drybrushed look to them, probably because they are drybrushed for the most part, aren't they?

    I am not going to The Fang, in contrary to my initial plans. I just want to give you a bit more chance to win something :P