maandag 8 april 2013

Basing the Chaos Lord

As a last post before The Fang painting competition, I thought I'd show the basing I am still working on for the Chaos Lord from Dark Vengeance. I hope to finish it later this evening, because I think I will have little time left before this weekend...

I found an old IKEA table leg, and sawed off a piece of that. This would make a nice starting point for the display. I added some plaster and such, and then fiddled a bit with bits and pieces. I found I had these miniature bricks somewhere, and decided to use them. That stuff is fun!

By using Warhammmer Fantasy movement tray plating, I created a stone tiled floor. I used another part to cut out the base circle in the centre, which is easier that trying to savage the bit you cut out of the main floor.

I added some wire, tubes and such, and then the brick wall in the back corner. On to painting. Remembering: make sure to paint the highlights towards the model, so the outer rims of the base are more dark than the centre. Also, I did not want to go off balance with the color scheme. I notied that the main colors in the Lord were grey/black, reds (obviously), browns (bones) and blues. I decided upon the red, browns and greys for main use. This way I could let the blue cloak on the lord really stick out, while tying the rest of the piece together.

Still need to do a lot. Paint the muddy groud below the deck, add some water effects, and ofcourse put a nice pattern on the floor (still deciding what). Got any ideas?

Oh and ofcourse I finished the final bits on the Lord, like the sword, the plasma gun, and this piece here of which I am pretty proud of that the red-and-bone came off so beautifully. I am thouroughly enjoying myself!

Hey, and please, don't hesitate to leave a comment. I just passed 50 followers this week (it may not seem a lot, but I'm pretty proud of it already) and I am sometimes anxious to hear from you guys. Do you have questions? Do you want me to show something specific? Or make a tutorial? Just tell me! Or just say hi :)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi :-P
    Looking forward to see it on saturday!'ve already got my suggestion for freehand.

  2. Looking great so far :)
    I wish you all the best these coming weekends with the Fang (though I'm pretty sure you won't need it), and I'm looking forward to see your new works in person soon hopefully!

  3. Ziet er cool uit! Ben benieuwd hoe het in het echt zal zijn. Ik ben jammer genoeg niet door met de Orc, maar zal er wel zijn zaterdag ;) Tot dan!