zondag 28 april 2013

From Malifeaux: Kirai - commission, part 1

Once in a while I get a commission that I get really thrilled about to do. In this case it is Kirai, from Malifeaux. A great looking japanese distorted woman. The customer has asked for a display base with it, and I have complete artstic freedom. You just gotta love these kind of jobs :)

I was brainstorming on the look and feel of the piece. As Kirai is holding hedgecutters, the most logical and story enhancing scene would be in a japanese garden. At first I envisioned a part of a bridge in there, and later I changed it to these stereotypical archways.

But as I googled 'japanese garden', I saw loads of pictres of these big blossoming trees. This would exactly fit into this scene: it screams 'garden', is always awesome to behold (if done properly), and you can do so much with a tree!

I realized that I have never made my own tree before (yeah, really!), so there I got my challenge (every new piece should have one challenge, don't you agree?). I wanted a stone tile path in front of it, really showing the audience that this was a well kept and feng shui kind of garden - fit for a deranged gardner.
I'm gonna make a rice paper light hanging from one of the branches. It will add to the japanese feel, I guess.

First I have build up the tree from metal wiring. Which was easily enough, actually. Then I filled up the main body with Fimo clay, and baked that in the oven. Now I had a sturdy ground to work on, to really start sculpting the form of the tree. Nothing too fancy, a knot here and there, and mainly smooting it out. And then bake it off again. Once done, I will mount it on the base, and finish it off with greenstuff, as I cannot bake it afterwards anymore.

Sculpting the base was easy enough too.  Just a bit of patience. The hardest part was getting a nice and tidy slot for the round-lip base Kirai will be mounted upon.

Now to go on a hunt for some usable and great looking blossoms to glue on later!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cool idee zo! Ben benieuwd naar hoe het geheel gaat worden!

    Ik speel zelf ook Malifaux en misschien nog een ideetje gebaseerd op de fluff: Kirai 'knipt' hoofden van mannen af met die schaar(i know creepy!) maar misschien kan je een 'afgeknipt' hoofd op de base doen met wat bloed enzo. ;)

    1. Er zit al een hoofd bij! Recht onder bij haar voeten. Heb een stuk jurk erbij moeten sculpten om het wat geloofwaardiger te laten overkomen! Dat zie je in de volgende update!

  2. The typical pink blossoming trees in Japanese gardens are "Sakura" most of the time :-D But hey, that's beside the point. I'm loving this experiment with the tree and it actually made me remeber that I have some fimo lying about...now I just need to find a suitable project. Anyway, keep us posted!