maandag 22 april 2013

The Fang Painting Competition 2013: coming home

Well, I got home from the Fang Painting competition finals, and I bagged me some loot too.

The competition was great. There were some really awesome pieces, and I was actually entertaining the thought that I might not even go home with a (first) price. This was a complete turnaround in regards to the preliminaries one week earlier.
The prelimiinaries in Antwerp were a bit of a let down. There were so few entries, and in many categories only one or two models, automatically deciding the result. There was hardly any competition, it was more like a formality to enter the finals. I was told that it was the same in most - if not all - other GW Stores. I was scared that this would already be the end of this young but much sought after event.

Even though there were less painters present than last year, the quality of the models have been raised a notch again since then. The competition during the finals was awesome, and I really enjoyed watching other painter's stuff. There are some sure up-and-coming new talents. I was a bit sad to not see some painters from last year, that I hoped to talk to, like Willem te Slaa, Maartje Giesbers, and others. Maybe next year.
I did have some great and interesting talks with many, many other guys, exchanged numbers and such, and that was maybe the most valuable bit of the day.

But in the end, all my three entries got top three places - yay!

WH 40,000 Single: Chaos Space Marine Lord: 3rd place

WH Fantasy Regiment: Skaven Jezzail Team: 1st place

Lord of the Rings: Sword Elf: 1st Place

Congrats again to all winners, and I hope to see you all again next year.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Some well deserved add-ons to the prize cabinet!
    Great work and lovely to have it confirmed by "the fang" judges. Congratz!

  2. Hey big congratz.... those skavens are really worth the prize :))