woensdag 1 mei 2013

From Malifeaux: Kirai - commission, part 3

I finished the base of Kirai, just enough so that I could put an undercoat on. I have started painting Kirai feverishly, it almost seems. I met with some friends (Gert d'Hollander and Peter Zuidgeest) and we did a good day's work.

I was wondering about what color scheme  should use. First, I wanted to do a white dress. This would make the blood splatter I intend to do come out more. But then again: a big white dress would create a big colorless void. So I took another look at the original artwork (see left), and actually really liked those colors.

(note: for the next part, I use a lot of GW colors, but there's a lot of 'em old colors, and a few of the new ones!)

I started with a yellow-ish tone, a mix of Yriel Yellow (GW) and Camo Green (GW). For the shading I graduately  added Dark Flesh (GW) to the mix. For highlights I used the orginal mix, and added Rotting Flesh (GW) and later on Skull White (GW).

For the Jade colored robe I started with a mix of Hawk Turquoise (GW) and Camo Green. A single layer shading was done by adding Sanguine Base (P3) - Thanks again, Peter! - while doing highlights by adding Skull White.

I also worked on the skin. A layer of Sunny Skin Tone (Vallejo) was basic. Again, I added Sanguine Base for shading, and Skull White for highlights. My friends remarked (probably rightly so) that her skin was more caucasian than asain, but I feared that if I went too yellow-ish or brown-ish in the skin tone, it would blur with the yellow of the dress.

Lastly I put on a base coat of Charcoal Black (Vallejo) on the hair. But I am now pondering to do a kind of stark white hair. It could add to the weirdness of the model, but on the other hand: black hair will really bring out the paleness of her face. What do you think?

Still to do: find a suitable freehand pattern for the dress.

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  1. Great progress the blending work is beautiful. Hair colour I like darker, white ages the model I think, looking at the undercoat stage photos.