donderdag 2 mei 2013

From Malifeaux: Kirai - commission, part 4

When I get to the last few parts of painting a model, often I get bored because these last bits are things like pouches, belts, scabbards, etc. That's when I rush things and in the end make a sloppy job. However, the last few steps on Kirai have been awesome. 

First I painted her eyes and make-up - I am getting better and better at this, I love it! Female faces are so cool to paint!

Then I did the scissors. I started with a base coat of Boltgun Metal (GW), then shaded with a very thinned down Sanguine Base (P3). As a final shade I added a bit of black to the mix.

I had to make the pic this way, or else the light would flash weirdly off of the scissors...

As my customer wanted a freehand pattern on her dress, I was wracked with how to work it. The dress has so many folds, it would be hard to get anything across clearly. I was actually afraid of doing it, scared I would ruin the dress. But I got over myself, picked up the brush, and started to paint, not knowing how the pattern would end. And I think it turned out just great! Really subtle, in a consistent color tone, and fitting to the piece.

Then the hardest part: blood splatter. It is hard on account of two things: you have to get the splatter just right, or it looks weird, and you have to get the right color - not too red, not too dark.

Halas, I have not yet made pictures of that! Nor of the final bits on the base: the flagstones, the dirt, the little bit of tree stump. All that I will show tomorrow, after I have taken some (hopefully) decent foto's in my studio.

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  1. Sooooo,
    that's turning out as a rather nice paint job :-D
    Who am I kidding, it's amazing!(I'm just jealous because I had almost no paint time this week).
    I'm very curious to see the completed piece.
    Good job!!