vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Kirai Close Ups

On this gorgeous sunny morning I have set up my amateur photo studio in the garden, to use the daylight instead of lightbulbs. Below are some close up shots and a spinning model of Kirai.

And yeah, I know I have to touch up the black on the base...!

First a spinning model:

Next some stills. C&C is always welcome!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Awesome blood spatter... I can totally imagine that drooling imbecile on his knees before her begging for mercy. And getting it. Muhahahaha!

  2. This really suits your style! Superb choice of colors and awesome freehand skills again. Two remarks though: the severed head should look a lot paler, and the way you painted the eyes and eyebrows on it make it look a bit silly in my opinion :) Second remark is about the black sides of your base: this needs to be cleaned up.

    1. Agreed on both accounts, but:
      - on the head, I didn't want to take away too much emphasis on Kirai's head herself, by laying a too bright source at her feet. Besides: the head has just been cut off, doesn't it still have some bluster then? ;)
      - The base has already been re-vamped, and made glossy. Both for esthetic reasons as protection.

    2. In fact I think the severed head DOES take away too much attention... Maybe you could have added some of that blue you used on her dress to really make it blend in there, and at the same time give the head a dead look :)

  3. I would be interested to see the severed head a little paler..drained of life more. It's a good suggestion I feel. Everything else is lovely, I like the whole progress of this project.