maandag 8 juli 2013

Holiday painting: of Rat-men and Undead From Space

Finally it is time for a new update on what I have been up to lately. I have not been idle, but then again, I have not really been doing super fancy display work either. I have been working on two separate army projects that needed some  long awaited attention...

First off, I have been working on my Skaven army. My mates and I have been discussing to attend a Fantasy Doubles tournament next year in Nottingham, and that gives great incentive to get on with this army. A lot of blogs discuss this, and it is very true: if you want your army to get finished, enter a tournament. You'll have a good due date to push you into finishing!

Anyway, I had my mind set on doing a Warlord Queek/ Stormvermin-themed army, as I really wanted to paint that unit. In 1000 ponts, it proves to be a short army list however. No probs, that only makes for less models to paint!
At this moment, I have finished 20 of the 30 Stormvermin, a Poison Wind Mortar, and Warlord Queek. Only 10 more Stormvermin and 20 slaves and I'm done!

The next project I felt needed progression is the - as people are calling them - the Woodcrons: the Necrons painted in wood grain.
I picked up a spraycan of undercoat metal (Army Painter) to speed up some processes, and to test it I used the Necron Lord (from the Barge). It really works well actually!
Small tip for those who want to use this as well: make sure to prime your models in black first, then spraypaint metal! Finish with a generous coat of wash and basically that's it!

After the lord, I decided I had to work on the Ark as well, a model I had already started on, but the vast amount of wood grain to be painted made me halt the work. I decided to get the pilot-half of the ship done first,  just to have at least some part finished (seeing stuff finished is also a good incentive to keep on painting!).

Oh, and then there is one project that was finished already...but not completely: the Kirai commission with the Sakura tree. I only needed to paint the lamp hanging from one of the  branches. Don't know why I let that untouched for so long. But that's done as well. I will get some decent pictures of that later this holiday.

As always: comments are welcome!

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  1. HiHi finally some progress on the 'crons:-D
    It's a hell of a project and well "hats off" if you get it finished. The Ark really gives an impression on how cool it can/will be when finished.
    And love to be the other player in the doubles tournament....let's kick arse(paintwise that is ;-))