zondag 17 november 2013

Baby Angron

My friend Gert (Tyr) and his wife have recently become proud parents to a healthy baby boy! Inspired by how the guys from Massive Voodoo create pieces for eachother (remember 'Maestro' by Roman Lappat?), I felt I had to make something for my buddy too.

Gert himself gave me the idea, by posting a like on Facebook of this company Legendarion, who have made baby versions of the Warhammer 40K Primarchs. One of those is made to look like Angron. And as Gert had just fiinished the Forgeworld version of Angron (with a lot of pain, sweat and tears), I thought it appropriate as a gift. Fully painted ofcourse. In (roughly) the same scheme as the painted Forgeworld version (gold armour instead of the red you see in the drawing).

With my renewed inspiration to do better (read this article), I set myself to go the full mile painting wise (I admit, I may have done better with the base, but I wanted it to finish on time). And it was a great joy to see that it worked.

Congrats again Gert and Jose, may your little Lars grow to be an inspiration for the world!

Here's the finished work (pics made with phone!)

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  1. The gift is absolutely amazing!! You pushed yourself with the paint job and I'm sure my little boy will be thrilled with this little monster.