dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Nephilim project - part 1

Saw that teaser at the end in my previous post? Yeah, that was a pilot of a Space Marine vehicle. But what vehicle?

Close inspecition shows the Ravenwing icon on the shoulderpad. Yes, I am about to embark on a big project revolving around a Dark Angels Nephilim.

At first dry assembly, it dawned to me that the cockpit had to be the first thing to paint, before final assembly. And even after that, I still have to do a lot of converting before I can start painting the hull. So that was first on the agenda.

By now, that part is done, and what a bummer: after another dry-fit I noticed that most of the paintwork will hardly be seen through the canopy. Wasted effort there...:(

Anyway, it is now fully assembled and ready to be cut up for the next stage of the project...

This may very well be the first project I take on of this magnitude, so my goal is to at least finish it, and hopefully do so within a couple of month at the most.

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