woensdag 19 februari 2014

Skaven Blog, part 16 - Rat Ogres

I have been painting like crazy, but with a lot of fun, this last week. For a game I'm aout to play this weekend, I wanted to have my Rat Ogres finished.

Taking from what I learned from the painting class I did with Peter Zuidgeest a while back, I started the base skin tone with airbrush. Damn, that must have shaved off a couple of hours of work! after an hour or so of working with glazes after that, the skin was perfect for the next step, and I was actually relieved to see how little time it took to get this far already.

All WIP shots

This spurred me on to paint each day, even if only for an hour or so, and even while I was very ill from a cold. But it went even faster than I thought, finishing a part, like warpstone, or metals, or whatever, each day.

Until I managed to be done by yesterday. Well, not exaftly done, as I stil have to add the water effects - which are, like it or not, still gonna take some time. But for play, this is already enough!

Glad to see a unit of these big dudes done so fast, and still meet to my standard of good tabletop quality! I love em!

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