zaterdag 1 maart 2014

Malifaux: Hired Swords, part I

I keep on being happily distracted from my big Nephilim project. My latest distraction is a Malifaux Crew, the Viktoria's Hired Swords. Ever since I saw James Wappel paint these babies up I knew I would paint them too. Well, that, and I am a sucker for cool chicks with swords. Or even a big hammer.

I decided to experiment a bit more with aibrushing. I have been brushing with a 5.0 needle all this time, and now I wanted to try out the 2.0 I also had. With this scale of models, this gave me great control in minute details. Sort of.

I painted the clothes first, that I wanted to do in a uniform color. I used a Vallejo dark bue (can't read the name on the bottle!) mixed with a drop of Vallejo Emerald for a first layer, then pure Emerald, and then added some white and grey to the mix. I topped it off with near-white with just a hint of emerald.
After that, I deepened the darkest shades with pure Black, and made a bit of blacklining where most appropriate. Lastly, II painted with pure white a couple of final highlights.

The skin was done with a (painted) basecoat of Vallejo Medium Fleshtone. Then I glazed the shadows with a mix of Medium Fleshtone and P3 Sanguine Base. The darkest shadow was near-pure Sanguine Base.
I started the highlights by mixing the Medium Fleshtone with Vallejo Basic Skintone, and after that gradually mixing in some white, ending with near-white highlights.

After that I repainted all other parts (except the hair...I still don't know why...) in a basecoat black.

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